2022 Features

REMUSE/ Tamara Leacock

Fashion Designer

Remuse is a Melbourne-based clothing label inspired by biomimicry, artisan techniques, and Afro-futurism.

Founded on the principles of diversity and low-impact design, the pieces are created from natural, organic, deadstock, and reclaimed plant-based materials and hand-dyed with both plant-based and low-impact fiber reactive dyes.

Remuse is cruelty-free and seeks to create clothing that models nature while also being complementary to it.

Founded by New York-born designer and stylist Tamara Leacock of Bahamian and Kittitian heritage, it is a wearable art practice rooted in resilience and reimagining new futures for adornment for contemporary bodies.

Contact: in**@re***********.com

Greg Palacio

Featured Artist

With so many prestigious exhibits under his belt, Greg Palacio aka GP is an indigenous, Garifuna, professional artist from a prominent family. Greg focuses on cultural art and through his eyes he aims to depict the forgotten tradition he grew up with, in Dangriga, Belize. Palacio has combined his raw, rustic style with digital technology and paints in the round! GP’s exhibits have been housed in renowned institutions throughout the United States and in his native country.

In Greg’s early years his watercolor depicting the dying customs was selected by a film traveling company and later his animation creation was included in a documentary named Yurumein. Palacio’s greatest accomplishment to date is his exhibition at the Fields Museum in Chicago and a plein air in Washington D.C. 2013, for Smithsonian. In 2022 GP was invited to Minneapolis, Minnesota to display his shipwreck survivors painting which was installed in a native American group show.

Greg Palacio is a graduate of Westwood College in Torrance, California with a BA in Game Art Design. He studied Fine Art with an emphasis in 3D Animation. Greg obtained his degree in just three(3) years attending classes through the summers. At Westwood there he represented the school in art against rival schools and held his own. Palacio also had group shows and was selected to create the main character for a juried, sexual awareness commercial.

GP is a recording artist as well with an album and videos on streaming platforms. Greg has a monthly podcast on YouTube about past influential Garifuna musicians. Additionally, Mr. Palacio has taught at Michaels art supply chain store on Rainbow in Las Vegas and in the Art District.

Greg Palacio’s debt to society was being an instructor at Nevada High Desert Correctional Center, teaching neuroscience. His plan is to eventually return to his hometown and open a gallery then expand to an art school for talented underprivileged children.