Rhona Fox

Rhona Fox is a dynamic Indian-American actress. Born in Guyana (South America) on November 2, 1979, Fox was raised in Nassau, Bahamas, where her parents who are teachers, moved to secure a better life for her and her two older brothers, Sean and Ron.

After graduating high school at 16, she journeyed to New York for a summer vacation and the rest was destiny. Enrolling in college there, the Big Apple remains home and work today.

After attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication from the State University of New York at Albany, Fox spent the first seven years of her career as an award-winning News Promotion Producer at ABC and FOX news affiliates, before becoming the Editor-In-Chief of JAMROCK Magazine, a then nationally-published Caribbean lifestyle and entertainment magazine. Ultimately, she parlayed her extensive professional media experience into launching a music media-marketing firm aptly named FOX FUSE, representing clients such as Pitbull, Lil Jon and Shaggy. The company became a partnership in 2010, to allow time for her to embark on an acting career.

Working in entertainment offered a natural transition into acting for Fox, who told her mother since she was a five-year-old in Guyana that she will become an actress one day. Being surrounded by opportunities in New York forced her to make the leap towards fulfilling her ultimate dream. Fox’s first acting gig placed her on the set of the Roc-A-Wear 10th Anniversary commercial in August 2009, where she was directed by Spike Lee. Ever since then, she was truly bitten by the acting bug.

She earned her Screen Actors Guild (SAG) membership after being hired for a three-day stint on ‘Sex And The City 2,’ which filmed a scene in Dubai (shot on a Brooklyn soundstage) and needed Middle Eastern-looking people for the “local Dubai” set. Fox then enrolled in classes at T. Schreiber Studio to study the craft of acting and become trained as an actor, and to also enhance and polish her natural skills in the field. During that time, she worked on several television shows that were produced in New York City, and regularly worked as a stand-in on ‘The Good Wife’ (CBS) and ‘Royal Pains’ (USA Network), which were the only two productions in New York with Indian lead actresses and for whom she was able to stand-in.

Fox recently appeared on ‘Made In Jersey’ (CBS) during its pilot that aired in September 2012, where the director liked her first name and added it to the script during her scene. She also played the featured Assistant District Attorney on ‘Law & Order: SVU,’ during season 14. She is currently developing independent projects with other upcoming talents in New York City, including a webisode and a few short films that are presently in pre-production.

Fox has been honored with the prestigious Golden Arrowhead Award from Guyana, during a ceremony hosted by the Guyana Consulate in New York City, in June 2012. She also received a Proclamation from the City of New York for her contributions to the City as an actor, during the same occasion.

In addition to pursuing her acting dreams, Fox enjoys reading, writing and rooting for her favorite sports teams. She continues to hone her craft at T. Schreiber Studio and looks forward to more chances to define herself as an actress, as well as an ambassador for her Caribbean culture and people.

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