Olun Riley

Olun Riley was born in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago and lived in Cascade, a suburb of Port-of-Spain, until he left to study abroad at the age of 17.

He majored in Fine Arts at the University of Toronto and studied animation at Sheridan College in Canada. After graduating, Riley returned to Trinidad where he worked as a pioneering computer graphics (CG) artist for broadcast commercials at Advance Dynamics Ltd., a local post facility.

In 1993, Riley began working on feature films at Sullivan Bluth Studios in Ireland. He immigrated to the United States in 1995 when American Film Director Don Bluth set up shop with Fox Animation Studios in Phoenix, Arizona to create the 1997 animated film “Anastasia.”

Riley continued to work as a CG artist in Effects, Lighting and Compositing and eventually became a CG supervisor on feature film projects for DreamWorks, Sony Pictures Imageworks and Cinesite in Hollywood.

Riley joined the Lighting & Compositing Department at the Walt Disney Animation Studios in 2005. He became a Sequence Lead on “BOLT” in 2007 and has also worked as a Stereo 3D Sequence supervisor, helping to pioneer the conversions of both “The Lion King” and “Beauty and the Beast” for 3D screens.

Riley’s latest animated film projects include mega hits Oscar® winning “Frozen” and “Wreck-it Ralph,” and Oscar® nominated “Tangled.” Most recently, Riley worked as a key lighter for Elsa’s Golden Ice Palace fight sequence on the Academy Award-winning “Frozen.” He is currently working as a Lighting supervisor on Disney’s upcoming feature “Big Hero 6.”

His range of films include “El Dorado,” “X-Men: The Movie,” “Ocean’s Eleven,” “Red Planet,” “Envy,” “The Polar Express” and “Monster House,” to name a few.

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