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The Caribbean Heritage Organization (CHO) has been a long-time supporter of Bennett College through its Los Angeles Alumni Association led by Mrs. Janet Dailey Peterson. Located in Greensboro, North Carolina, Bennett College is one of only two remaining all-female Historical Black College Universities (HBCU.)

A 1958 graduate of Bennett College, Mrs. Peterson has dedicated most of her life to helping under-represented youths. Her intractable love and dedication to her alma mater is evidenced in her financial support of the college, mentorship of present and prospective students and recruitment efforts.

The Caribbean Heritage Organization is pleased to join forces with Mrs. Peterson and Bennett College to groom and empower women of color in not only their recruitment efforts, but to provide financial aid through the Janet Dailey Peterson Scholarship fbo of Bennett College.

Janet Dailey Peterson and her brother James were born in Texas to very special parents, both of whom were college graduates.  They provided their children with rich cultural experiences and educational opportunities

Mrs. Peterson is a dedicated, passionate advocate for the empowerment of the youth through education and exposure to the arts. Her role in exposing education to a diverse community of young people has helped shape the direction of many lives.

She graduated from Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina with a degree in Sociology. As a YWCA Teenage Program Director in Knoxville, Tennessee, she became concerned that no performance arts programs existed for under-served children.  That led her to form a dance group in a housing project and volunteered teaching dance to hearing impaired students. These led to her opening Janet’s School of Dance, which allowed exposure to all forms of dance.  Many families were unable to afford tuition, yet they were never excluded from participating.

After receiving a Master’s of Science in Vocational Education, UT Knoxville, and then relocating to California, she joined the Los Angeles Job Corps.  Her thirty-year tenure allowed her to serve in a number of capacities, including Vocational Counselor, Vocational Training Manager, Staff Trainer, and classroom teacher.

Mrs. Peterson is an active member of the Bennett College Alumna Association and currently serves as the Pacific Region Alumnae Coordinator.  Her high energy, creative abilities and willingness to mentor and encourage young people, make her a valuable asset to the community.

She and husband of 58 years, retired Research Biologist, William Jacques Peterson, Ph.D. , daughter, Kelly L. Peterson, PsyD, is an industrial psychologist and consultant, and son-in-law, Perry L. Brown is a professional actor and opera singer.

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